December 15, 2011

Classic Case of Givers Remorse

Have you ever knit something for someone and so badly wanted to keep it for yourself?  Well, I just did with the Stockholm Scarf.  I knit this in the round so it had a total of 252 stitches.  The pattern itself is pretty easy to follow, but god forbid I make one mistake, and I end up taking out the 252 stitches plus the additional ones to get to my screw up.  I did this about 5 or 6 times.  This scarf was a labor of love and it took forever.  But it came out absolutely stunning in the end.

I guess the good thing about it is that I still have 2 skeins of the Cascade 220 that I used still leftover, so I'm going to make myself one after the holidays!

The rest of my Christmas knitting is finally starting to wrap up.  I only have to finish one sleeve and the cowl neck for the Derry Raglan I'm making for Julie, one sock for Tom, one pair of socks for Kenny and the fingerless mittens for Judy.   Geez, that sounds like alot now that I'm writing it down.

The last two I'm saving for the end since they are for my in-laws who we will be visiting over New Years.  This weekend I have made plans to have no plans to ensure that this stuff finally gets wrapped up.  Literally!  How is your holiday knitting coming along?

Since my hubby and I are hosting Christmas Eve this year, I am going to be a busy busy bee until after the holidays are over so please be patient with my sporadic posts.  But I do have a fun one coming up about my adventures in soap making so stay tuned!  It'll be a doozy!